Figures with Attitude

After creating the project ‘Landmarks of the World’ (under my freelance portfolio), I really liked the techniques I used to generate the images and so I decided to continue and use again. This time I decided to brainstorm some ideas that could incorporate quirky characters, but wanted them to be in a random style. From this I came up with the idea of using stationary as my base, then transformed them from everyday objects into figures with attitude.



Words of Inspiration - Disney Style

As I am a lover of Disney films, I decided to put my artistic skills to the test and create some mini canvas paintings incorporating a silhouette style, focusing on the famous songs within the films. I wanted to extend my usage of these creations and decided to dig deeper into each film. From this I looked into the lyrics of the songs I focused on for my paintings and come across some inspiring words that I felt could be portrayed within the images. Using my Illustrator skills, I merged my paintings within the lyrics (choosing a bold font), so that the message was portrayed in two different ways. Can you guess the films?